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Foodsmart is eating well made simple. We are the first telehealth experience that combines registered dietitian services, tailored meal planning tools, and the most broadly integrated food delivery marketplace in one location to make eating well easy on your mind and wallet. Foodsmart seamlessly integrates dietary assessments and nutrition counseling from dietitians with online food ordering and cost-effective meal planning for the whole family. With retail food partners that can deliver to nearly every zip code in the country, Foodsmart brings healthier food within reach to eligible members and assists with SNAP enrollment to address food insecurity in the long-term. With the largest national network of registered dietitians, our mission is to provide you with simple solutions to accomplish your health goals through a personalized program. We understand that eating is not just essential; it’s personal. So, we prioritize personalized connection - placing you with a dietitian who understands your needs and supports you by setting realistic goals, side-by-side coaching, and celebrating successes along the way. We believe that everyone deserves to eat well.
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Our Dietitians

Our national network of registered dietitians are the backbone of Foodsmart. They not only bring nutrition expertise to our members but they build relationships that make a real difference in people's lives.
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Working as a Foodsmart dietitian is incredibly fulfilling. My patients come from different walks of life and live all over the country. I enjoy building rapport with my patients and taking the time to truly listen to their experiences, concerns, hopes, and dreams for their nutrition and overall well-being. I treat each day as an opportunity to empower my patients through nutrition to reach their goals and feel better.
Keighly C. | Foodsmart Dietitian
I enjoy meeting with my patients often, working through challenges and celebrating successes together.
Debra K. | Foodsmart Dietitian
The most rewarding part of working at Foodsmart is assisting individuals in overcoming food insecurity, offering more than just sustenance but also providing accessible nutrition education.
Sarah R. | Foodsmart Dietitian

Our Core Values

  • Measured: Data-driven, truth seeking decisions
  • Impactful: We are fueled by achieving our mission, vision
  • Collaborative: Help each other be better; create a positive environment
  • Hungry: Healthy personal, customer & shareholder growth mindset; seek to overcome challenges & biggest rocks with courage
  • Joyful: Business is serious, not grim. Take joy in each other, the work, and our privilege in doing this work.

Our Leaders

Our experienced leaders help bring to life the vision of making eating well simple, affordable, and available for all.
Photo of Dr. Jason Langheier, MD, MPH

Dr. Jason Langheier, MD, MPH

CEO, Founder
Photo of Milo Krastev

Milo Krastev

CFO & EVP BD, Co-Founder
Photo of Jared Scharen

Jared Scharen

SVP Marketing & Operations
Photo of Shreeta Quantano

Shreeta Quantano

VP Revenue Cycle Management
Photo of Sunil Budhrani

Maria Opdycke

VP Clinical Operations
Photo of Alex Muresan

Alex Muresan

VP Engineering
Photo of Shreeta Quantano

Becca Stevens

VP Client Development
Photo of Baxter Webb

Amy Mclaughlin

SVP Business Development
Photo of Patrick Sims

Patrick Sims

VP Growth

Why We Started Foodsmart

Jason Langheier, MD, MPH — the CEO and Founder of Foodsmart — grew up in rural Buffalo on food stamps, free school lunches, and coupon clipping, and started to see firsthand how food insecurity and chronic conditions exist in our country, especially for low income populations. After Dr. Langheier went on to study neuroscience & received his MD & MPH, he helped found the pediatric obesity clinic at Boston Medical Center. His experience with pediatrics, nutritional epidemiology, neuroscience and previous digital health companies led to his development of Foodsmart to address nutrition insecurity and chronic conditions for the entire country.

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