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Find a Healthy Weight with Our Nutrition Program

We know that losing weight is tough, especially when eating well feels expensive, confusing, and time-consuming. Managing your weight long-term requires lifestyle change, not a fad diet that offers temporary results. Join our step-by-step Healthy Weight Nutrition Program and get individual guidance from a registered dietitian, plus tools and simple recipes that make it easier to create healthy habits for weight loss that lasts. Schedule a nutrition coaching call to join — pay as low as $0 out of pocket with health insurance.
Our Healthy Weight Nutrition Program is for you’d like support with:
Weight Management
High Cholesterol
Health conditions
Weight Management
Managing weight can be tough and factors like genetics, environmental conditions, poor diet, physical activity, and other health conditions can influence your unique weight. Maintaining a healthy weight can lower your risk of developing conditions like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer. Our dietitian-led Healthy Weight Nutrition Program is focused on determining what ‘healthy’ looks like for you and offering practical and achievable steps to help you make progress towards your goals. You’ll create healthy habits to make better decisions about food, and learn how to sustain your progress and keep the weight off long-term. Our members get results. 33% of Foodsmart members with obesity have lost over 5% of their body weight in 24 months and kept it off!
Weight Management
High Cholesterol
Health conditions

How Foodsmart programs work

When you join a nutrition program, you’ll meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian who will guide you through a personalized plan to reach your nutrition goals. Our registered dietitians are licensed and credentialed nutrition coaches, clinically trained to support your health with nutrition. You’ll cover new topics during every visit with your nutrition coach, supported by handouts and worksheets full of strategies for managing your condition, like:
  • Meal planning
  • Building a healthy plate
  • Reading nutrition labels
  • Pushing past setbacks and plateaus
  • Keeping weight off for the long term
Plus, they’ll help you navigate easy-to-use tools in the Foodsmart platform to prepare nutritious, low-cost meals that make eating healthy simple.
A program to help you manage your weight long-term, customized just for you
Evidence-based nutrition curriculum with weekly topics of focus
Regular check-ins with your nutrition coach to adapt your plan to your needs
Access to the Foodsmart platform for meal planning, recipes, and grocery delivery
An accountability partner and long-term support

Success Stories

My general practicioner was astounded that all of my general metrics had improved. My weight is down 25lbs.
Foodsmart Member | Milwaukee, WI
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How much does it cost to join a nutrition program?

You can join a nutrition program and meet with your nutrition coach at no cost to you, depending on your health coverage. 99% of Foodsmart members pay $0 out of pocket for nutrition coaching. Schedule a visit risk-free and see our complete list of coverage when you schedule.

How long will my nutrition program last?

Nutrition programs can be completed in up to 12 visits, but the length of the program entirely depends on your goals and the plan you develop with your dietitian. When you meet, your nutrition coach can provide an estimated timeline, but it might change based on the progress you make toward your goals. They can also help you adjust your plan to your needs at any time.

How is Foodsmart different from other nutrition programs?

Our dietitians are nutrition experts, licensed to support all of your unique health goals with nutrition. From the time you join a nutrition program, they’ll work to understand your goals, health history, and preferences, and create a nutrition plan unique to you. Foodsmart's platform also gives you tools for meal planning, shopping on a budget, and food delivery, so you can save money on nutritious food as you follow the program curriculum.

What results can I expect from a nutrition program?

Our nutrition programs aren’t "one-size-fits-all" or fad diets. We take a personalized approach to and tailor our program curriculum to help you accomplish your goals. We've seen numerous clinical outcomes amongst our 2 million members, including helping many of them lose >5% of their body weight and keep it off. With those kinds of long term results, we're confident we can offer the support you need.